Executive Summary

In 1993, The Peter N. G. Schwartz Foundation was encouraged by school leaders in the District of Columbia to use its resources, in partnership with principals and teachers, to promote the basic universal values in schools. As a result of that partnership, ValuesFirst, a non-profit, non-religious 501(c)(3) organization was formed. By drawing on research-based methodologies and years of trial and error, we have developed a simple, low cost, easy to replicate, and sustainable methodology called "Values Infusion." Superintendents, principals, and teachers can use the Values Infusion Methodology to create a values-centered school culture built on the Values Code.

Who We Are

ValuesFirst a non-religious, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is a character education initiative created by a group of District of Columbia teachers, students, and principals. The Values Code Initiative centers on training teachers, principals, and staff in building character in children by instilling in them the importance of values in their everyday lives.